Housing Complex Ripagaina

Location:               Ripagaina, Pamplona

Client:                      Construcciones Andia, S.A.

The project consisted on the development of two blocks -123 and 36 dwellings respectively- located in the new hosing development of Ripagaina, in Pamplona.

The density established for the new development proposes a reflexion on the need of treating in a different way the proportion in each piece, trying to differentiate the vertical condition of the towers in the avenue´s front line, with the lineal condition of the blocks situated on the background.

In this way, the block located next to the avenue proposes the challenge of reinforcing the idea of slenderness, as opposed to the initial compact volume expected from the regulations. For this reason, the floor´s handling is used as a main tool, looking for an apparent fragmentation of volume, as if we were dealing with four independent buildings. The introduction of soft creases in the perimeter generates a greater dynamism on the whole, as if answering the idea of being seen in motion.

On the contrary, the second block, of a bigger size and larger floors, attempts to reinforce its horizontal condition. The building welcomes a great variety in homes, from one to five bedrooms. As opposed to its interior functional diversity, an exterior lineal, firm and unitary image is proposed.

The facades in both projects are materialised through the use of, depending on the case, white or coloured, smooth or grooved prefabricated concrete.


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