School Centre Ninia Etxea

Location:               II Ensanche, Pamplona

Client:                       Department of Social Care, Government of Navarre

1st Prize Project Contest   (with CL Architects)

The project is carried out in a consolidated urban context, Pamplona´s II Ensanche. The inquiry about the shade projected on the site by the much higher adjoining buildings, was decisive in the development of the project.

Starting on a longitudinal axis, the four pre-primary modules are arranged in a comb scheme, generating a sequence of open and closed spaces (patios), that allow for the gaining of optimal sun, light and ventilation conditions for every educational unit.

Classrooms and workshops count with a double orientation, which facilitates direct external light and ventilation through the patio´s playing grounds as well as the possibility of passive solar intake in winter.

As a general criteria, a maximum visual permeabilitywhich facilitates nursery staff control and therefore allows the acquiring of a spatial sensation of amplitude and light has been sought. This relation is produced not only in the interior rooms in each unit (room-workshop-bathroom-patio), but even between different modules.

However the building presents a unitary and compact image as a whole, nonetheless the facades try to give an adequate answer to the different situations that come up in a plot with a pronounced urban character.


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