24 Detached Homes

Location:               Zizur Mayor, Navarra

Client:                      Construcciones Andia, S.A.

The project welcomes a reflection on the typology of the detached home, that has been in our opinion irrationally ill-treatedin recent times.

Against a conception of a home as a mere accumulation of small pieces, of a disproportionate size in relation with the total area built, we present the project in terms of brightness and flexibility.

We therefore decided to share building space between ground and first floors, avoiding a second floor and allowing in this way the creation of bigger sized rooms. In parallel, the dwelling is proposed as a unique diaphanous space in each level, in order to let the users decide how to distribute this spaces according to their needs.

Both the structure and the installations are located in the dividing walls. The sequence of parallel plans generated by these walls becomes the main actor in the composition of the whole.

On the other hand, the usual sequence of access to the homes is inverted, generating a central space for access and for the neighbours to meet, and orientating the individual gardens towards the exterior.


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